How to Deal with Waste – Bottle Waste Products

Waste management has been and is still is a problem in Adelaide. There are different types of wastes that we have to deal with today. However, even though we are not able to entirely handle all our waste, there is at least something that can be done to avoid filling our landfills. It can be accomplished through simple strategies if we can all decide to do the right thing.

For example, everyone today buys either mineral water or soda when going to work or when at the workplace. Other buy mineral water for use at home or the office. But have you ever wondered what happens to the water bottle after you are done drinking the water? In fact, you will be disgusted to see someone driving a posh car and then lower the car door glass just to throw an empty water or soda bottle. Where do all these bottles end up?

Well, in most cases, the poorly disposed water bottles end up in water bodies and landfills. If the bottles end up in water bodies like lakes and rivers, we all know that plastic or glass bottle does not decompose and this means that the container will remain there until a responsible person picks it and take it to the right place.

While in water bodies, the plastic and glass bottles will disrupt marine life and even cause water pollution. In another case, the bottles will end up in the landfills. It might feel like it is the best thing to do to dispose of the containers in landfills, but trust me, it’s not. Bottles are a universal waste, and the truth is that the dump will keep on filling because of the bottles and soon there will be air pollution.

What is the correct way of handling bottle waste? Well, the best way to handle bottle waste is to reuse. There are so many ways you can use your water bottle. For example, for the half and 1-litre bottles, you can cut them and use the container to keep your pens in the office. This way, the bottle will not end up in landfills. For the bigger bottles, like the 10 and 20-litre bottles, you can cut them at the top, fill in soil and then plant flowers and vegetables.

However, not all bottles are a good candidate for these. You should consider bottle recycling Adelaide. Collect all your bottles either at the office or home and then take them to a recycling centre. The bottles will then recycled into new usable products.

It will increase employment rate and at the same time, solve the problem of waste in our environment. This way, the landfills will be empty for other wastes, and we will as well save on energy. For more information about bottle recycling, read here.